If we develop something together, then it must be good!

Concept Idea and development


This company was established by Sandvin who acquired several items to create a collection that has over 1100 units. Sandvin created an excel spreadsheet that contained all information about the products base information, and made a catalogue of his own. It was not a perfect one in comparison to the traditional catalogues. This became a very comprehensive method that caused a lot of false information within the spreadsheet.

As for technology’s advancements, Sandvin managed to create a database from google, the result of this turned out excellent. Unfortunately it quickly became complicated, including some information to overlap each other and create more confused data. However this turned into a good presentational tool for the collection market, and earned it rightfully interest among the collection environment.

Since the exposure of the database he created, several associates of Sandvin created an equal database for them, which led to a demand to have this database for themselves. Then Sandvin found a business opportunity to create a company that everyone has access to and give the same opportunities. Sandvin then started to look at the different businesses and stores that resembled his vision for the project, and it seemed that they were outdated and lacklustre with design and functionalities.

Collectium concept

Collectium has a goal of getting everyone who collects banknotes and coins to establish an overview of a collection they have acquired. Everyone who has been collecting for a while, probably has trouble remembering what they have and what they don’t have. Collectium has created an algorithm that will help you fill in the blanks spaces in your private collectium catalogue through our Database.

At launch there may be some bugs and errors. However we require more data statistics in order to develop the algorithm, so we can help your Collectium. This will help to perfect your Collectium and help us to know your preferences and wishes. Because it should be easy for you to bid on a product or sell it, the catalog should inform you whether you are making a good purchase or sale.

With Collectium you should find it easy to purchase or bid on products that have been listed by other businesses or other collectors. With this you also have the ability to sell your collectium to! With these opportunities, you will have a bigger future strategy for your bigger collectium.

We need collectors who know stamps, coins and banknotes.

Tommy Sandvin

Tommy Sandvin

Collector, Business Owner and FOUNDER


Works as a commercial real estate consultant in Sandvin Property AS (2007).

Has developed several companies for customers, has been a part owner in several start-up companies!

Collecting Banknotes 3.4.5 Edition and number series.


Business Card





We need people who are dedicated and collectors, do not need to live in Oslo.
Need to understand the market and have a collection of coins, banknotes or both.






We need people who are dedicated and collectors, do not need to live in Oslo.
Need to understand the market and have a collection of coins, banknotes or both.






More information it’s coming..



Status for Website Programming Edition:

We have made significant progress in the development of our website for collecting Norwegian banknotes and coins. Currently, we have implemented the following features:

Catalog for Norwegian banknotes from 1877 to 2022: This includes a comprehensive overview of Norwegian banknotes from this period that users can explore and learn more about.

Incomplete catalog for Norwegian coins: Although this catalog is not complete, it still gives users a good starting point to investigate and learn more about Norwegian coins.

Forum platform for discussions and sharing information about collectibles: This gives users the opportunity to engage with other collecting enthusiasts, share information, and discuss collectibles.

Scanner that imports images of banknotes and coins with grading options: This gives users an easy way to add their own collectibles to our catalog and also provides the opportunity to grade the condition of existing objects.

Dealer page where authorized dealers can post sales: This gives users the opportunity to buy and sell collectibles on our website, and also gives authorized dealers the opportunity to market their products.

Member page where users can view their collection and add desired collectibles: This gives users an overview of their own collection and also provides the opportunity to add desired collectibles they want to acquire in the future.

We continue to work hard to further develop our website and look forward to adding more features and improvements in the future.

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"Til alle samlerentusiaster der ute! Nå er du klar til å begi deg ut på en spennende samlerreise med Collectium-appen! Utforsk, organiser og del lidenskapen din for samling med likesinnede entusiaster fra hele verden. Bli med oss i dag og bli en del av vårt unike samlerfellesskap!

Med Collectium-appen kan du oppdage en verden av spennende samlerobjekter og kategorier. Enten du samler på mynter, frimerker, antikviteter, actionfigurer, kunstverk eller noe annet, finnes det en hel verden av muligheter som venter på deg.

Det beste med appen er at du kan få tilgang til eksperttips, spennende diskusjoner og dele din egen kunnskap med andre entusiaster. Du vil ikke bare lære mer om samling, men også bli en del av et lidenskapelig fellesskap som deler din kjærlighet til gjenstander med historie og verdi.

Så hvorfor vente? Bli med i Collectium-fellesskapet i dag! Last ned appen, opprett din profil og begynn å dele dine samlerfunn og -opplevelser. Vi ser frem til å møte deg og oppdage den fantastiske verdenen av samling sammen!"Or