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Gold membership is for those who want to give Collectium capital (lump sum).

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Auction Platform

Online Store

Collectium Catalog

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Advanced Filter

Create, Submit, Manage and Find New Collectibles ....

Estimate value

Create a account, import your collections then get automatically estimated Collection catalog price


You can see the history of the owner (if the seller has approved the opportunity for others to see), sales and grading

Multi and single alternative pay and transportation

You can choose between several payment options and transport options

Forecasting Dashboard

Get a nice overview over your collections and your transactions. See your estimated value and history in the timeline

Whislist and Planning

See all your wishes come true in your personal collectium catalog. Plan your next buy to find your item in our online catalog

Management reporting

Print out your collections or your orders, get an easy overview of your buying and selling


Timeline Collection Analysis

See your transactions filtered buying, selling, import Collectium item in your profile timeline

Private Collection

Profiles are private, no one can see what you have if you are not sharing, you can choose to share a specific item on Collection or in a social platform

Collection Management

We help you to find your new collection item, you can arrange in your wishes in your own catalog

Developed state in Norway 2022

We need your support in order to create the best collector website for you.


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